Musical Spanish with Sign Language- Register Now!

With her red ukulele and decades of knowledge, experience and wisdom, Betsy weaves education, culture and positivity into each of her stories and lessons. Teaching in Spanish with sign language, Betsy also brings two decades of teaching, special education experience and artful musicianship to her stories and classes. Betsy has a unique program which combines learning a second language while simultaneously using sign language as a visual and experiential teaching tool. She will guide you and your child to sing in Spanish, shake eggs, dance with scarves, play drums, run through tunnels, interact with puppets, move with a parachute, play games and also learn sign language .

JOIN ANYTIME, CLASSES CAN ALWAYS BE PRORATED EMAIL ME FOR A CODE Thursdays  10:30am-11:00am Top Ten Toys in Greenwood 120 N 85th street, Seattle WA 98103 1/9/2020-3/19/2020 Ages 0-5 $179

Fridays 10:30am-11:00am Queen Anne Community Center 1901 1st Ave W, Seattle, WA 98119 9/6/2019-11/8/2019 Ages 0-5 $179 Registration opens Dec 5th: Register here or call 206-386-4240